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Some quick info about the bouquets

Bouquets generally start at $25.00 and go up in price from there (with a few exceptions). We have a variety of different bases (cups, mugs, boxes, ceramics, bottles of wine, popcorn tubs, wine/champagne/pint glasses, etc.) in a variety of themes (birthday, baby, holidays, John Deere, UNI/ISU/Iowa, etc.). We usually use an assortment of fun-sized candy bars and other candy items from around the store. Bouquets can also be made with snacks (chips, crackers, etc.) or a mix of candies and snacks. The customer can always request the types of candies to be put into the bouquet, size/price range of the bouquet, color scheme, etc.

  • 6-pack bouquets start at $45.00 and can be made on any kind of pop or beer (beer has to be brought in by the customer).
  • Wine bouquets start at $45.00 and can be made on any of the Main Street Sweets wines in the store, or other wine can be brought in.
  • Gift baskets can be made in any size and anything from the store can be put into them. Gift baskets tend to work better than bouquets for bigger items (like movie theater sized boxes of candy).
  • Cupcakes and individual pop can bouquets are $12.00.
  • Wine/champagne/pint glasses or any other clear vase can be filled with any of the bulk candy in the store (these bouquets usually start at $30 or $35 due to the weight of the bulk candy in the base).